This is the long awaited fifth post in the series that I promised several months back. I was so busy working in my business that I didn’t have time to work on my business. But that’s okay because helping clients with their marketing strategy is something I really enjoy!

While this blog series is titled 5 Easy Digital Marketing Steps to Get Your New Business Noticed, there are other marketing techniques to consider that will get you noticed. Let’s look at some of those other ways to market your business.

  • In-person networking – When you are networking with other business owners, not only do you get to talk about what you do, you get to listen to what they do also. Listening is extremely important when networking.
  • Promotional products – Find a unique promotional product, have your logo and URL printed on it, and share it at networking events and conventions.
  • Word of mouth – This is probably the oldest form of marketing and it still works in our technology driven world today. Clients and customers are excited to tell others about the great service or product they have.
  • Free samples – Give away samples of your product to influence customers to make a purchase. Be sure order information is included!
  • Promotional marketing – This technique uses incentives for customers to buy such as contests, coupons, or free samples.
  • Print – While print ads are going the way of newspapers, and you won’t see it listed on many sites as a marketing technique, there are still times when it makes sense. For instance, if you are sponsoring an event and they have a program, it makes sense to buy ad space. If you are a local business, purchase a block of space on the local high school sports calendar. It helps to remind members of the community you are there, and they can shop local.

Think outside the box and combine a few of these methods with your digital marketing. This concludes our series on marketing to get you noticed.  Unless you have the budget like Coco-Cola, growing your business could be a slow process. But if you stick to it, set a goal and work towards it, you will make it.

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